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Professional Dry Carpet Cleaning London Delivered by CS Carpet Cleaning

Have you tried cleaning your carpets but not been happy with the results? You need our dry carpet cleaning Londonservices. Achieving the best means using the best and that refers to the right equipment, detergents and technicians from a professional company. Shop bought products just don't cut the mustard when compared with those we use which are supplied by Prochem. Some of the fabrics and materials used for carpets are very delicate and don't hold up well when confronted with water. That is why our dry carpet cleaners London adopt the methods they do. Delicate carpets are also prone to shrinking when cleaned using water, which is anther valid reason for this method of cleaning.

The Benefits of Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Making use of our carpet cleaning servicemeans you are able to enjoy several benefits. For easy reference we thought we'd list a few:

  • 24/7 customer support available online or by phone
  • Our cleaning teams are dedicated to delivering high quality cleaning results
  • Our products are eco-friendly and safe for you and your family
  • Stains are pre-treated for a more effective outcome
  • Specialist advice is given as part of the service, free of charge

Our Dry Carpet Cleaners London Work in the Following Way

For delicate carpets our dry carpet cleaners Londonfollow a few simple steps. First your carpet will be vacuumed to remove any loose particles near the surface. Our cleaning technicians will then inspect your carpet to determine its condition and the material it is made from. Stains, dirt patches and high traffic areas will receive a special pre-treatment. Carpet dry cleaning involves the use of a special absorbing powder that is evenly sprinkled and then brushed into the fibres. Dirt, dust and grime are attracted to this powder and can be vacuumed away together with the powder.

We Have Professional Rug Cleaners Using the Latest Equipment

Our cleaning crews have been trained and are equipped with the latest equipment and cleaning detergents supplied by Prochem. Professionally certified for the job they perform you are assured of the best possible results. They will arrive at your home or business premises in branded vehicles, wearing uniforms and carrying company ID's. We know how to treat your precious family heirloom or luxurious rug and only use organic compounds to safely and gently clean your rugs and carpets. Our experts are happy to share their carpet maintenancetips for free and always work with a smile. We have a range of other cleaning services that include steam carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and leather sofa cleaning. When booked in combination with our carpet cleaning services you will be entitled to an attractive discount.

Contact Us For Carpet Cleaning London and Carpet Maintenance

Contacting us for carpet maintenance and other cleaning services is a very simple process. You can choose to call us on 020 3404 4882 or get in touch online via our website. Our customer support guys are ready and waiting to take your calls whenever you decide to call. They can offer you further information regarding our list of useful cleaning services, answer questions or provide a free personalised quote. If you decide to get in touch online there is a handy chat option or easy to complete contact form.

Now you know how easy it is get in touch today and be ready to enjoy our amazing discounts and outstanding services that are among the best in the area.